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Men's Shaving Olive Soap Bar

Olive Authentique

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Men's Shaving Olive Soap Bar

Designed to create a thick, creamy lather. Ideal for a clean, close shave. This subtly scented bar has added Green French clay for superior glide. Long lasting, minimally packaged and environmentally friendly, this is a great alternative to traditional shaving products. 50g

HOW TO USE: Lather soap with a shaving brush in warm water. Apply evenly to face while avoiding contact with eyes.Remove with your favorite razor.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium olivate (olive oil), Sodium Palmate (palm oil), Sodium Cocate (coconut oil) Sodium Castorate (castor oil), Shea Butterate (shea butter), Montmorillonite (French green clay), Water, Glycerin, Lavandula Officinalis (lavender), Eucapyptus Golbulus (eucalyptus), Menthe Avensis (peppermint).


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