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Premium Facial Cleansing Oil

Olive Authentique

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Premium Facial Cleansing Oil

An incredibly gentle formula (free of emulsifying agents) that provides effective thorough cleaning for all skin types. Removes the build up of environmental impurities including water proof make -up while maintaining the skin’s natural protective moisture balance. 60ml

HOW TO USE: Apply to dry face. No need to wash or remove make-up prior to use. Pour small amount of product into palm of hand. Gently massage on to face and neck using finger tips for several minutes (breathe deeply and relax). Saturate a cloth or cotton pad with very warm water. Squeeze out excess water and allow cloth to sit on face. The warmth will dilate pores allowing for deep cleansing. Gently rub face with wash cloth removing any residual oil (rinse cloth and repeat if necessary). Follow with a light application of facial serum and if necessary facial moisturizer. In the morning there is no need to deep clean. Simply wipe face with warm damp face cloth and lightly moisturize prior to make-up application.

INGREDIENTS: Caprylic/capric tryglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), vitis vinifera (grapeseed oil), olive squalane, lavandula officinalis (lavender), citrus aurantium amara (neuroli), daucus carota (carrot seed oil).

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